“Is This The Life We Really Want” by Roger Waters

“Every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life, It is because we all stood by, silent and indifferent”

Not an easy listen but ultimately rewarding. I enjoy the combination of great melody and lyrics that can be poignant or acerbic but are always provocative and purposeful. For me he is a real treasure of a songwriter and a voice worth hearing and, more to the point, worth listening to.

I hope if I reach his age and experience of life I can maintain my voice and rage against wrongs.


“Innuendo” by Queen from 1991.

The penultimate studio album. This has grown on me over the years and I now think it’s a really good album. It got very mixed reviews at the time it was released. Freddy’s vocals are a bit limited and measured but there are some great tracks nonetheless.
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RIP Chester Bennington 

I was deeply saddened to hear of Chester Bennington’s death. I’ve always loved LP’s music and respected their creativity and willingness to explore their art. Seen them live several times and each gig was emotional and energising. I took this photo when they headlined Download Festival in 2014; that was a great night.

These lyrics from their most recent album seem especially poignant and remind me that we should take more time to show we care.

”If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out
In the sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out
If a moment is all we are
Or quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out
Well I do”

… And so do I. RIP Chester 

“Saxon” from 1979.

“If you’re really feelin’ down, Take a trip to town, And listen to a rock and roll band.”

I’m going to be playing a few albums by this band tonight. They are an important band in the history of British metal and this debut is an interesting album with a mix of musical styles.
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“Loud and Clear” by Sammy Hagar from 1978.

“Look out baby, I’m comin to town,
I’ll tear it up, and I’ll tear it down.
I play long, I play hard, I play for keeps, with no holds barred.
And I rock, and I roll, And I do it out of control”

Nice looking limited edition coloured vinyl – red of course! Figured I’d enjoy a little more Hagar this evening. This, his first live album, was released under a different title with a different cover in the US.
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“Montrose” from 1973.

“Well, I remember when I was seventeen, My father told me pick your dreams, He said life ain’t easy as it seems, When you get older you’ll see what I mean.” Got a fantastic early press of this great album from way back. It’s a stunning debut record and when you listen you can hear just what a massive influence it had on later bands. I really love this album; Montrose’s guitar sound, Hagar’s vocals – it was really a brilliant piece of work that stands the test of time magnificently.
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“Talk of the Devil” by Ozzy Osbourne from 1982.

“Nobody will ever let you know when you ask the reasons why, they just tell you that you’re on your own, fill your head all full of lies.”
This is a strange album in many ways. Firstly in the U.K. It was called “Talk of ..” whereas in the US and elsewhere it was “Speak of …”. Sabbath are in my top 10 favourite bands ever and it’s weird to hear a full album of their songs played by a different band. I think Brad Gillis does a great job on guitar though by the way. The album came out around 8 months after Randy Rhoads’ death and it sits oddly in Ozzy’s back catalogue! I read it was actually deleted from his back catalogue and is not available in the US.
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