500 into 365 = my 2016 play list

Last year I set myself a goal. To listen to 500 different albums at least 100 of which I’d never heard before.

I always listen to a lot of music during the year but I tended to keep returning to the same albums. 2016 was to be my year of diversification.

Listening to more than one full album a day was actually quite challenging. Fortunately between every day commuting and international business travel I found plenty of opportunity!

My confession: Whilst I did explore new bands and genres I did not wander too far from my passion for hard rock and metal. Despite that, here are 5 things I learned.

  1. It is insightful to hear an album in full as the artist intended. Streaming has probably killed the album.
  2. There some great new young British bands emerging. Check out Creeper, Milk Teeth and Puppy for starters.
  3. I like hardcore and some more extreme metal more than I thought I did! Also, I’m a real fan of pop/punk.
  4. The music we listened too in our late teens and early twenties never leaves us. It is ingrained in us and resonates strongly when we revisit it years later.
  5. Vinyl is the most wonderful recording medium. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on that in the future!

The full list of all the albums I listened to can be found on my Twitter account @jenkins1711 – if you search within that account for #nowplaying they will all be revealed.

In terms of new music, I was especially grateful to the “That’s Not Metal” podcast boys for directing me to new releases. (See @NotMetalPod on Twitter).


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